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Mango Tree

The first Mango Tree Restaurant opened its doors in 1994. Situated in the eart of Bangkok, in a beautiful Thai house built during the reign of King Rama VL almost 100 years ago. We offer guests a quiet relaxed location from the hustle and bustle of modern day Bangkok life.

Our menu brings both traditional and innovative Thai cuisine from all 4 regions of Thailand. Each distinctive dish is an artful balance of 4 harmonious flavors : sweet, sour, spicy and saltiness complemented different textures in each dish as the final element to your palate.

Mango Tree has always invited guests to enjoy "the real taste of Thai cooking " in an ambiance of harmony and balance. Our Thai hospitality will ensure that every guests has a memorable dining experience.

Even as we have gone Global and introduced contemporary interiors and modern innovative presentations we have never given up on delivering the authentic flavors that made us what we are.

Mango Tree Worldwide represents Thai upscale casual dining at its best.

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